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If working via the Wired server is not an option for you, here's a couple of links where we can work together:

See my profile there: etherstrings at The history

This website was started in 2010 as a part of my MA thesis during my second year at SAE Institute. My task was to overview several existing solutions for online music collaboration and build my own mini-portal,, a virtual (net-based) studio for musicians and artists. Oh, and to write a research report about it.

Enter the studio

How to collaborate

Now we use a different method for music collaboration than the users of the old version of the website (2010-2013) were familiar with.

In fact, there are two ways to collaborate. Choose the one you like most, or use both!

1. Using the Wired network:


About Studio 1000 Tracks: Online collaboration for musicians and artists

This website is dedicated to music/artistic collaboration through Internet. This project started as a part of my MA degree studies at SAE Institute and was described in my thesis.

I write and produce electronic music, specializing in experimental, aleatoric and ambient composition. I am also a freelance journalist writing about music technology.

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