How to collaborate (Wired,

How to collaborate

Now we use a different method for music collaboration than the users of the old version of the website (2010-2013) were familiar with. In fact, there are two ways to collaborate. Choose the one you like most, or use both!

1. Using the Wired network:

  • If you are on a Mac, please download the Wired Client first. The Wired Client is an application providing chat, boards, messaging and file transfers. You will use it to access the working versions of the tracks, session files, and other project-related data, as well as to discuss ideas with project members. Wired uses the TLS protocol for encrypted transport, supporting the use of a wide range of strong encryption ciphers. By the way, according to the developers, a mobile version for iPad and iPhone is coming soon!
  • Launch the Wired Client, choose a username and userpic, and connect to the studio server using the following address: Use your log/pass to connect. If you forgot your log/pass, please contact me via Skype, Facebook, or e-mail (see the Contacts section on the Home page).

2. Using the software:

  • Go to, register a free account and download the latest version of the DMC plugin and/or application. The Digital Musician Container (DM-Container) software is the central working tool of It is a fully functional sequencer and multi-track recorder with the added benefit of being able to record projects with other musicians, on and offline, with a standard internet connection. It works both on a Mac and PC platform and is available as a free download for all DMN members.
  • Check my profile, add me as a buddy and drop me a line. You will receive an invitation to my current project. Accept it, and we will start working together!


UPDATE 14.10.2018: Unfortunately, was closed on June 30, 2018. Still, there are other online collaboration resources that we can use, so please check this link for more info.