Psy+ suite

Psy+ suite (formerly Paysages Sonores)

No matter how hard I tried to explain the idea behind Psy+, one of my friends/collaborators still prefers to call these musical pieces "Passages of Sonora". He probably has a point. The desert feel and the exploration of the force idea throughout the album... Questions, questions... No, it's not all that gloomy. This suite is about the trip to the past and some revelations I got about the present time. (Yeah, definitely my friend has a point.)

Air de Berceuse starts peacefully and takes it easy to evolve — only to culminate in a noise passage that sets the mood for the whole album. This is about discovering undesired universes, in real life or in a dream. And the track has a long history — but that's for another day.

The Prophecy (That Came True) originates from a particular moment in the past, when I for the first time got a chance to have my hands on Korg Prophecy. I recorded a few tracks then. I improvised for an hour and recorded directly to a MiniDisk, not thinking of the consequences… as I was sure that I would have access to the instrument very soon (but this did not happen until 2010, i.e. until I bought my own Korg Prophecy in London). The title, The Prophecy (That Came True), I believe, speaks for itself.

Lost In Time is a collaboration track, which began as a noise sequence created on Apple iPad using Korg iMS-20 application. Keyboard parts are to be replaced.

Pluto Rising — At this point the trip to the past started to feel like going along the infinity sign, and the idea of reaching the point of the constancy was no longer a far-fetched one. (I was told the path can be transformed. The question is, to what end... Now, it all sounds deeper than it was supposed to be.) 

Before I Forget — You wake up in the middle of the night trying to remember the dream you have just had (also, trying to recall the peaceful moment you had before you got carried away by a nightmare). So, literally, a glimpse of a better world you were lucky enough to see — before you forget.

Dream 18 is a result of another music making/drawing "binge", and a lucky moment of connecting the dots. Ensoniq TS-10/TS-12 sounds are finally home.

Psychoactive I — This track has to do with the flashbacks some people get now and then. It is often a sign of things to come (though at times it seems they never do). And yet, it is the only time to reinvent oneself. The course that was pre-set a couple of tracks ago is now on.

Psychoactive II is about the veil. I do like to work with noises — they are the ideal tools for drawing veils. A veil is something that separates one thing from another — memory from meaning, subconsciousness from mental flow, and action from idea. This has to do with the chronicles of the forgotten, secret world. So I use noises to find my way.

More tracks to be added as soon as they get their titles instead of generic "paysages sonores xxx".

Artwork by Cyril B.