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About Studio 1000 Tracks

This website is dedicated to music/artistic collaboration through Internet. This project started as a part of my MA degree studies at SAE Institute and was described in my thesis.

I write and produce electronic music, specializing in experimental, aleatoric and ambient composition. I am also a freelance journalist writing about music technology.

I have built this website for my own needs, as an add-on for my offline hardware studio, to let me and my music partners work together on music, discuss ideas and create some new tracks and video.

My current musical project, Etherstrings (prevously known as Helga's Ephemeris), is electronic experimental music, sound art, and ambient sound collages. Please check my current projects as well as finished ones.

If you are interested in collaboration, please contact me via Skype, Facebook, or e-mail (see the Contacts section on the Home page). You can also use Social buttons to connect with me on Facebook, Google+ etc.

Elena Stepanova aka 1000tracks

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