[1000tracks] [✍] Website update 13.3.2019

OK the website is updated. I have added multilingual features (i.e. Russian translation for all posts), and they seem to work great. 

I have also added a poll to find out the preferred platform for online music collaboration. Personally, I like my Wired server, but it is a Mac-only solution so I am also testing and to be able to collaborate with Windows musicians, as well as to use my iPad for online music making.


[etherstrings] [✍] closes on June 30, 2018

This is sad news, though actually you could see it coming.

In 2009-2011 when I was writing my Master's thesis at the SAE Institute, there were five (or even more) online collaboration portals for musicians, one of them, also and Virtual Glass. My thesis was dedicated to online music collaboration so I had to review all of them and choose the most suitable one for my final project.


[etherstrings] [✍] Paysages Sonores (work in progress) | Updated 16.10.2016

Paysages Sonores (work in progress)

Several experimental electronic tracks titled "Paysages Sonores" are currently in progress through online collaboration with my music partners and friends on The playlist below may contain rough mixes.

Get in touch via Skype, Facebook, or e-mail (see the Contacts section on the Home page) if you want to participate!

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